welcome to my room!

January 12, 2010
{i wear christmas socks year round...}

these past few days have been relatively uneventful, so i thought i would take the opportunity to show you my humble little room. it's not very big but it seems very spacious to me because of its high walls and the open space at the center of the room.

what you see when you first enter the room.

the first half of the room.

bookshelf of students past. including but not limited to
the great gatsby,
a walk to remember,
and the perks of being a wallflower-
some of my favorites.
ender's game is also there, to remind me of david.
surely, this is destiny.

cozy little desk complete with journal, polaroid of raine, and a card from my sister <3

a photo taken by my host father.
it's actually 4 photos put together to make 1 whole.
i think it's amazing.

the other corner of the room.
i love that there is art everywhere in this house

closets weren't originally built with apartments in florence. so we get these cute little cabinets. this is my whole wardrobe for the next 6 months (give or take a few travel purchases...)

the view from my window.
to the left, the way to the train station.
to the right, the piazza santa maria novella.

the several-century-year-old fresco on the ceiling.
it's fairly simple, but i think it makes my room unique.


  1. wow how awesome to have a fresco in your room??

  2. How cute is their home - and your room!
    I love it.
    I'm so looking forward to having a host family!!

    <3 Grace.

  3. Wow--amazing views! And no roommate!?

  4. it does look cozy! I love the fresco!!

  5. nice room. that 4-photo combo is pretty neat.

  6. thank you so much, dear, for the comment on my blog. i do hope you come back. :)

  7. AWESOME! I love the panorama photo- and the ceiling? AMAZING.

  8. your bedroom is beautiful!
    i love small, cozy bedrooms.

  9. amazing. i love your room. it's to die for.

  10. what a cosy little room (: you are soo neat with your books all lined up nicely..should really do something about all the books i have lying around my room! ps: i don't even know what that flying ride is called....i've always wanted to ride in it though..looks like soo much fun! xo

  11. i LOVE gatsby and perks of being a wallflower! i have a similar shelf haha :)

  12. woww ur room is huge and the fresco makes it look extra special and european