looking up

December 9, 2009
dear campus sunset,

why do i always miss you? ever since daylight savings it's almost dark every time i get off work. i miss your colors and your last bit of warmth before you go to sleep for the night. i seem to only catch the blue at the end of your show, but today i loved walking along the silhouette-lined skies. maybe we can have tea when the quarter is over? you're my favorite along the beach and i can't wait to be home to see you again.



  1. i know exactly what you mean about the sunset, but it is so true that the blue is beautiful! thanks for visiting my blog (:

  2. Did you take this picture? It's beautiful! And so is your letter- so poetic and deep... I LIKE IT! :D

  3. aw. dark is fun, and the picture is amazing!

  4. You're a darling! I love your writing, it's so calming and relaxing to read:)

    I love watching sunsets too!

  5. I adore your lovely space and the way you write it's really calming. :) Love this post lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!