lackluster heart

December 8, 2009

even though it's finals week and i'm so close to being done,
my heart is feeling apathetic and dull.
it's not a very fun feeling.

i have my hardest final on friday for greek.
this class has been kicking my butt all quarter
and even though i love the language..
i am tired.

in between studying, i have been researching eurorail tickets
since david and i would like to travel through europe via train.
so this makes me a little hopeful,
at least just to get through the next few days.

and someone upstairs just started blasting regina spektor,
so i think God wants me to feel better.

{photo via daytrips}


  1. good luck! i hope you pass all your classes!

  2. Thanks for the comment! :) I LOVE Regina and my husband and I have discussed before how epic it would be to take a train all around Europe... especially a train that chugs along all of Ireland and Scotland. So beautiful!

  3. thats a beautiful picture! i know how youre feeling right now... so stressed....

  4. Hey Celeste! I followed the link in your email to Terra to your blog and I am so impressed!! Regarding Regina, I'm glad you liked it. I also feel very embarassed now that I realize you and Elaine had to suffer to all the music I put on repeat. I will definitely follow your blog. You give me so much hope and inspiration! Ahhh so beautiful you are!