friday five

December 11, 2009

as of 10:30 this morning.. i am done with autumn quarter!
this quarter was kicking my butt and i had my toughest final this morning.
now i can focus on planning for europe!


can i just say reiterate how much i believe that everything works out in the end?
i came to campus this year knowing nothing about where i was living,
who my roommate was, what the other people were going to be like
and living in my co-op has
introduced me truly wonderful people
and reinstates my belief that true, genuine people exist.


of the wonderful people i met,
one sent me this video while i was suffering-- i mean studying..

watch this. it WILL make your day.


today was my last day at work for one of my jobs.
we had a tea party with hot apple cider and russian pastries.
best last day of work ever :)


and last but not least, raine says "happy holidays!"

{first two photos via weheartit}


  1. I saw that video yesterday and was so impressed! I hope my children are as talented!

  2. I love the mug, and the children are too cute for words!!!

  3. russian pastries, delicious check. cute kid playing the junk out of the ukulele, check. awesome.

  4. LOVE em- especially that little boy. MY GOODNESS.

  5. Fab post. And that little boy in the video is just too cute!

  6. holy crap. cutest boy i have ever seen! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Fun to meet you. have a great day!