the bridge to nowhere

September 27, 2012
After a day at the beach, we took a sunset bike ride to "the bridge to no where." From what I gathered, it was a project left unfinished once funds ran out. We took advantage of the abandoned bridge and sat along the railing to sip $3-buck-chuck (don't get me started) and look out onto the marshes.

We sat well past sunset and continued to eat beets, goat cheese, bread, and even more wine in the dark. Once we finished, we took a joyride through downtown Charleston-- stopping every once in a while to refill the plastic cups we'd been toting around and reusing.

The small, quiet streets felt like an eerie ghost town that only came to life as we rampantly rode through. The night was young and unexpecting, but the bridge to nowhere was just the beginning.

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  1. I loved Charleston! these photos are magical.

  2. that sounds like such a fun relaxing evening, its simple ones like that people always remember!