August 27, 2012
I'm in Chicago!

More importantly, I'm (finally) visiting dear, sweet Hiyabel. We've come a long way since first meeting as freshman-year roommates. It's funny seeing her in her grown-up life: stepping into her beautiful apartment and hearing about her favorite place for lunch near work.

Even though we aren't sharing a dorm room anymore, I can see bits of our friendship that have carried over. When she picks me up from the airport, she's wearing the earrings I sent for her birthday from Denmark. We talk about our favorite ducks, continue planning our dream trips, and pick up right where we left off.


  1. Wonderful!!! My best friend from college and I still speak regularly.... and it's so weird talking about grown up problems.... gone are the days when boys were the worst.... now it's our jobs!

  2. this is so beautiful. i love this.

  3. Gorgeous photo of your friend!. Enjoy your time w/her...

  4. OMG!! i didnt know you went to Chicago1!!! soooo jealous!! but looove the picturesssss