five hours

May 2, 2012
virgin travel

It's weird stepping on a plane and knowing you'll be back in a week. My past few plane trips were for extended stays so they felt like big life changes. Last Tuesday was nerve wrecking in a different way since it was my first "business trip."

One thing I like about airplanes is that they force me to disconnect. I had those five hours to read, nap, organize files, and edit photos. I was in no rush to be anywhere and if I had been, there was nothing I could do about it.

It's nice to just sit back.


  1. true but planes are not the nicest places to sit back.. Plane rides are usually life changing for me too.. looking forward to 15 hour plane ride Saturday...

  2. I do completely agree..
    I use to go to work by metro and read ... now I go driving!!! AND I HAVE NO TIME ;(((

  3. There isn't much I enjoy about planes (I've traveled so much you'd think I'd be over it by now, haha) but I DO appreciate that "disconnectedness". It gives me time to myself I really don't have any other time. Sometimes it feels so good to just READ and now that you're not "wasting time" or could be doing something else at the moment.

  4. Replies
    1. haha no! i was looking to bring a sandwich or something for the flight but the only thing open at 5:30am was a donut shop so i brought that!

  5. I do love having the time on a plane to read but the last time I flew I had a kid behind me who would not stop crying. It was awful.

  6. was about to echo Jenni's comment - if you had found an airline that served donuts, we'd all want to hear :)
    also, i definitely agree with the freedom to unplug. i love feeling no guilt for catching up on movies and reading. that was the only redeeming part of my long haul transatlantic commute.