the first time

May 18, 2012
megan manhattan windy hola sunset statue

I'd been to New York once before-- when I was 16-- but I never saw the Statue of Liberty. I finally made it out on the Staten Island Ferry one Sunday evening with friends.

It'll always be funny seeing famed monuments like this. In this instance, I spent my entire life anticipating an enormous, glory-filled representation of our country. What I got instead was the most gorgeous sunset view of a tiny Lady Liberty-- complete with beer, popcorn, and that evening's landfill shipment. 

O beautiful for spacious skies, indeed.



  1. You've now been to Jersey too!! The Statue of Liberty is actually in New Jersey waters. I'm a nerd but I actually know that being from NY and my mom from Jersey. She loves to claim the Statue of Liberty.

  2. New York is amazing. I just visited there two years ago and I was in awe. And your photos are beautiful!