May 7, 2012
strawberry, pastry creme, and lavender galette outside barista on display on the wall pick up greetings the uniform

My favorite way to find new places is through the recommendation of friends. After just arriving in Williamsburg, I wrote to Nicole asking for advice about local eateries and Bakeri was one of the cafes I happened to visit from her list.

The tiny bakery is tucked away in a street off Bedford, the main road. There isn't much room inside and upon entering, I realized it wouldn't have the same charm if it had been any bigger. There's one large communal table and a little hodge podge of tiny tables by the window. There are vintage relics throughout and all the plates are mismatched (my favorite).

Beyond all of this charm, I ordered a strawberry, pastry creme, and lavender galette which tasted exactly as it sounds: like Spring. I didn't have quite enough time to sit and enjoy everything as much as I'd wanted (it's like I'm always late), but it wasn't a terrible way to start the day.

tiny breakfast


  1. Oh boy that souuds (and looks) amazing! I also love the table number, so cute!

  2. this is beautiful! this spot looks so up my alley. and what a gorgeous galette. your posts have me dying to take a little weekend trip to brooklyn.

  3. man these shots look so good! i want to go there eat all their baked goods!

  4. i agree with olivia, i'm sold on brooklyn now.

  5. that looks like a lovely little spot. One of the many things I miss about brooklyn are all of the quaint shops.

  6. Your photos make me long for Brooklyn. For that entire city.

  7. this looks like a pretty little cozy place. I'm in love. =) I love the photos.