March 23, 2012
door stop
brown-paper-baggin' it

soldier muffin
katrina at work

After Outerlands, Katrina and I took a roundabout walk to Trouble Coffee (even though it was only down the street). I loved that we started talking about photography because I really admire her photos-- especially on Instagram. I have a real soft spot for all of her great feet photos since I take feet photos in every new city I visit.

Trouble Coffee is an adorable coffee and coconut bar in the Sunset. They only offer drinks in one size, the entire menu fits on about half a page, and their coffee is fantastic. Their seating area outside is made up of distorted tree trunks and everyone dresses like it's the 90's. Portlandia indeed.

outside on the tree bench


  1. this so looks like my kind of

  2. what she said. also, how cool that you got to hang out with katrina?! lucky girl.

  3. hi celeste! I think you should write a post for every meal you eat. haha, Thanks! (...but really.)

    1. I've thought about doing "a week in food" but am not sure how good/boring it would turn out

  4. i love trouble! whenever we are in the neighborhood we go there and whenever i get a tattoo tom gets me a coffee and a sweet to keep my energy up! they make a good cup of strong coffee!

  5. I want to go! Celeste! take meeeee!! I seriously loooove all these coffee shops and restaurants you blog feel so...SAN FRANCISCO! the kind of SF i dont know, and i've been here for five years!! so can I please go on a 'let's tour cool SF' date with you, after my MCAT at the end of may? pretty please?
    miss you!

    1. um OF COURSE! let me know when the MCAT madness if over!