March 21, 2012
katrina's soup

Sometimes I feel insecure about my blog. I worry about what I write, how I portray it, if it's reaching anyone. I get caught up in numbers.


How silly.

light colors
drinks menu
by the window

I met Katrina for lunch at Outerlands and remembered why I began blogging-- that this space is my virtual journal and my only real audience is future me. Any friends who stop by along the way are blessings. You can imagine how elated I was* to get this reminder from the author/mastermind behind one of my favorite blogs.

grilled cheese + soup

*You can also imagine how elated I was to learn we're both Filipino pescetarians!

PS - Outerlands was amazing. I'll go ahead and speak for both of us when I say we recommend this place 1000%.


  1. I have the same issue - getting caught up in numbers. Not because I want ad sponsorships or any recognition, I just want community. Perhaps it's because I'm putting myself out there and sharing my life which creates this void to be filled, but either way blogging is a foe and friend and one that needs to be kept in check (as I see for myself).

    If it counts, I always read every single one of your posts. The reason why I don't often comment on blogs (all blogs, not just yours) is because the author rarely responds or interacts back. There are some blogs that I'll still comment on even if this doesn't happen, but most of the time I don't see the point in commenting if it's never read. But these are all just thoughts in my head. I could be completely outside of third base : )

  2. don't worry about it. you're blog's rock!

  3. I love your blog. You don't have to measure up to anyone else - just be yourself.

  4. that is such a lovely thought. i will keep that in the back of my mind when i start getting caught up with the numbers. (also, your blog is awesome so don't worry about it!)


  5. honestly, the best blogs I've seen and favourite ones of mine are written by bloggers who jut do it for the fun, and for themselves. Do whatever you enjoy and I promise 'success' (whatever that means) will come, I can guarantee most people prefer it that way!

    P.S Gorgeous photography!!

  6. you captured the essence of outerlands in your photos just so. you and your photo skillz amazing, celeste, and i can't wait to learn more tips from you.

    go photos. go food. go outerlands. go celeste!

  7. beautiful photos, celeste...you should be a food photographer!

    1. aahhh! i am so jealous! have been wanting to eat there for EVER! my tattoo shop is just a couple stores down and they always tell me to go there! she once gave me a loaf of bread from there and it was AMAZING! now more then ever i want to go there! grilled cheese and tomato, soup...can't get any better!

      don't worry about the numbers it is all about the connections you make here that count! keep it up sweetie, i love your blog!

  8. i needed this. this is such a good reminder. i seriously got upset for a ridiculous amount of time over losing two blog followers, and this was such a lovely wake up call, celeste. and a beautiful one at that.

  9. oh man, it's always so crazy to me when bloggers with such beautiful pictures and words feel insecure about their blogs. yours is one of my favourites. :)
    and i LOVE what you said about how, "my only real audience is future me." that's a great way to look at it.

  10. Another Filipino blogger! I've been following Katrina for awhile and I found your blog in her post. Really nice photos. :)

  11. hi Celeste, i subscribe to Katrina's blog and if there was 1 space alone that i could ever read, learn from and visit it would be hers. adoration at max levels! i'm so glad to have read her latest post featuring your day out exploring the city photographically - the impressions (both of yours) from that experience are amazing. full stop.

    it's been quite something to have a good, long look around here, your blog is filled with inspiration, radiance and profound shares. i love the way you capture the moments around you; the way your eye finds symmetry is genius.

    sharing your feelings about insecurity really speaks to me at this point on the path. i'm in the process of a blog break for different reasons but the reminder you speak of from Katrina - this perspective shift comes along at the very right time for me too. future me thanks you and me right now nods full heatedly with understanding. many blessings as you continue with the natural beat of your rhythmic steps. ♥

  12. I worry about it all the time love - it shows passion so don't feel too bad... but at the same time, that 'how silly' just made my day :)

    A little jealous that you both got to meet, I would love to think that we'll all meet too one day though :)

    great photos as always!

    1. We were SO CLOSE to meeting last summer! I'm sure we'll make it happen-- we just have to wait for the right timing :)