all of the happiness lost in cyberspace

November 8, 2011
supplies for the sickly
Have you ever submitted a happy list? Yesterday I was home sick all day and David came over after work with lots of water, juice and soup for me. When he left I was so happy I wanted to write a little happy list and share it somewhere. Then I realized that over the past 2 1/2 years I've submitted five to the aforementioned happy list haven.

50 wonderful things that never saw the light of day because I only shared them with one person.

And then I thought of the hundreds of other people who surely had sent in lists, too. And those thousands of wonderful things that might never have seen the light of day, either.

So, in an effort to help recover all of the happiness lost in cyberspace, I thought I'd start by sharing my very first happy list right here.

May 5, 2009
  1. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  2. stationary and writing letters
  3. tulips and tea parties
  4. the sound of my mother's sewing machine
  5. finding the right words
  6. being speechless
  7. cooking with david
  8. "dancing in the moonlight" - the song and the action
  9. fall foliage
  10. old couples holding hands

Feel free to share your happiness here, too.


  1. How sweet!! I love that 1 Cor. was at the top of your list!

  2. love this. I've always wanted to submit a happy list to the Rockstar Diaries but have never gotten around to it! Maybe I should make a post of my own, too.

  3. haha it's funny that we all know what you are talking about...and that's probably when she had 10,000 less followers!

    Here's mine that i first did. =)

    I LOVE yours! =)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today and commenting!
    I LOVE your world here. You've got a new blog fan :)

  5. i love her happiness lists series, but hate that mine will probably never get published there either.

    the big thing that's making me happy today is a to-do list that i feel like i can handle. i was so overwhelmed this weekend, but now i'm better :)

  6. so many things to be happy about! thanks for your comment, and what a coincidence that my post and your blog have the same name! :)

  7. Lovely list!

  8. I know how you feel about so many of those things--especially that last one. Few things make me smile so much as older couples still so in love. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing! I hope you feel better soon!

  9. mm, so good. you caught some of those great, small things in life. love this.

  10. Glad you're happy!

    I need to make a happy list as well :)

  11. haha, mine was april 2009 too before I had any followers at all, isn't that crazy :)

    I love your first list, I've done a few since then as well.