window-shopping in florence

October 24, 2011
store-front art
Florence is home to some of the most beautiful storefronts I've seen: they're colorful, decadent, and it's easy to lose track of time just window-shopping. It's how I found my discounted Hunters, my favorite gelateria, and my favorite stationary in the entire world. (I may have brought home one too many sheets...)
favorite stationary in the world
san lorenzo
I'm usually weary of the San Lorenzo market since I'm still working on my haggling skills-- but the colorful leather and scarves throughout the market are really lovely. If you go, never settle for the listed price. I'm usually shy about doing this in Italian but it's how I bought myself a leather belt and green wallet for my mom for 25 euro altogether.
leather at san lorenzo
ponte vecchio
Perhaps the most decadent of all decadent shop displays are those on the Ponte Vecchio-- the oldest bridge in Europe. The bridge used to be lined with butchers until Medicis wanted to make the bridge more prestigious-- then they prohibited butcher shops and goldsmiths took their places.
coral everything
Now it's got beautiful (and super expensive) jewelry in each of its windows. Most people admire the gold and jewels, but the coral and cameo jewelry are my favorites. The coral is just simple and classic, while the cameos are elegant and remind me of my Classics major.

Going back and finding my own little treasure from the Ponte Vecchio is the newest addition to my list.


  1. oh i am such a stationary freak and that shop looks like pure bliss!!!! i WISH i had the time to get to Florence when I was in italy...i'll keep hoping for a next time and dreaming while i gaze at your gorgeous photos :)

  2. ooo i love florence so much :)

  3. oh gosh I love markets like these! I want to go to Florence so bad!

  4. Hi :) I'm here for the first time and I'm impressed! Are you in Florence for holiday?

  5. Hi N! These photos are actually from a little trip back in August. I'm back home in California now and playing catch up :)

  6. this post makes me want to cry! i LOVED florence when i went and the markets, oh the markets filled with such beautiful things!! i want to go there just to go to the outside markets again, i know tom would LOVE it!

  7. Everything looks so beautiful, I love your pictures!
    And I think I'm in love with the stationary ;]

  8. How pretty!!! I'd buy a lot of things from there :)

  9. I would love to visit Florence, my great grandfather is from there. Those shops just look so lovely...I love all these foreign shops and markets the variety is so special. :) -Lo

  10. I wanted to buy a coral cameo SO BAD in Florence, but my lack of funds definitely prohibited it!