October 11, 2011

holbæk streetside flowers
patterns and crooked houses
afternoon tea
"common" names
big clouds
Holbæk was the biggest "city" near Maibritt and Luciano's home in Denmark. At first glance, it might seem like the sleepy little town doesn't have a lot to offer. But then you find out that spending time at the library is as common as going out for coffee. Or you find a tiny little second-hand shop (and an almost translucent tea cup to bring home for your mom's collection). And then you find mugs with "common" Danish names and giggle to yourself because you haven't met a single "Kasper" in your life.

They're really simple things, but they add a lot of charm to this simple town.


  1. that town totally has charm, you can even see it in the building style. just adds one more reason i need to get my butt to denmark!

  2. love these pictures!

  3. sometimes its best to wander around little towns - i think you see much more because you're not so distracted. thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. celeste, these photos are amazing! i'm so jealous of all your travels...

  5. The 2nd photo is amazing!!! it's really nice there :)

  6. i agree with mama bear, that second photo is just gorgeous! makes me very envious of your travels!