first-thing-in-the-morning photos

October 12, 2011
A few weeks ago I was thinking about creative photo series. Like celebrity confessions, dear photograph, and tons of others that aren't coming to my brain right now. Somehow, Lady Gaga's "all-natural" photoshoot came to mind and I thought--

"hmm... instead of just leaving off make up, wouldn't it be cool to do a celebrity photoshoot of people first thing in the morning?"

Well, my friends, as it often goes in life-- someone beat me to it. In fact, this was their idea more than three years ago! But I couldn't resist sharing because it's so funny and random and genuine. Click here to see the rest of Meredith Andrews' morning photos.

Maybe, for Halloween, all of us bloggers could post morning photos of ourselves. Any takers?

Just kidding. Sorta.


  1. haha! i love this idea :) i think it'd actually be really fun for halloween! xo

  2. these are really cute actually. i love sleepy people- there's just something about having their guard down that's so sweet to me.

  3. oh gosh. I'd look horrible! Haha

  4. haha fantastic! I love that bottom right photo...made me giggle. :) -Lo

  5. These are really good! What a fun new artistic take! Of course, I'd be reluctant to model. Your models look a lot better than I do in the morning!

  6. those are awesome. no one would want to see me in the morning though, ahha :)