the hidden terrace

October 27, 2011
I had no idea that my host parents had a terrace during my 2+ months studying in Florence. We never ate in it because it was always so cold in the winter-- I only discovered it the following summer, when I came back for a weekend visit.
the beautiful terrace
It's one of the most beautiful, homey, and special places to me. This time, when I came back to Florence this August, we ate almost every meal outside, under the grape vines and on checkered table cloths.
fresh mozzarella!
every day
dessert wine and tiramisu
But the best part was being with my host family and enjoying the best home-cooked meals from Maibritt (mozzarella salad, panzanella, dessert wine, and tiramisu pictured here). They brought me back to my happy months as a student in Italy, and made me feel even luckier to have a family like this.


  1. ohhh I love the idea of eating home cooked meals in a hidden terrace in Florence!

  2. it's so pretty there!

  3. Your blog is making my hungry!
    Thanks for stoping by!


  4. gorgeous photos, and gorgeous looking food!
    i love your blog but it makes me so hungry..luckily my mam's been cooking stifado tonight and it's nearly done!! haha