capbreton (la plage)

July 13, 2011
beach umbrellas
juliette et capucine
goute (pain avec confiture)
i like the sun
light house
la plage
les enfants
everywhere i go
Less than a week after I arrived, I took a trip to Capbreton with the kids and their grandmother. After a six hour drive (thank you, Bordeaux traffic), we arrived in one of the cutest little beach towns I've ever been to.

Unlike my overcast (albeit beloved) Pacifica, the water here was actually warm enough to go into and enjoy. We played in the waves, ate jam sandwiches every day (for goute aka snacktime), and relished in the ultimate beach weather (warm with a perfect breeze). I've never really considered myself a "beach person"* but after my first day in the beautiful Atlantic and the perfectly soft sand I couldn't help but fall in love.

*Maybe I was just waiting for southern french beaches this whole time.


  1. amazing photos! Glad you enjoyed the day :)

  2. Beautiful photographs; such a lovely blue sky! Glad you had fun. x

  3. i'm convinced there is nothing better than a southern france beach. after this, all others are just going to be letdowns.

  4. beautiful photos! you should try arcachon. it is a beach at a bay so the water is very calm. and it is a cute little town.

    i did that and another beach (can't remember the name) in one day and also climbed the tallest dune in europe. if you do that, be adventurous and don't take the stairs. it is tiring but the view at the top is worth it.

  5. Good stuff. Looks like you're having a blast. :)

  6. These beach photos look fantastic - looks like a beautiful day.

  7. I seriously love these photos! They make me want to be there so bad - it's so different than the rain outside of my window right now!

  8. i want to be in these pictures! i love how soft they are and the colors are very pastel, great great pictures!


  9. Every place you go is so charming!! French beaches sound just perfect right about now.

  10. now you can come to Florida! ;)

    seriously, your trip to France is epic. and beautiful. I'm jealous.. NEVER STOP POSTING PHOTOS! haha

  11. gorgeous photos, Cel! soo jealous and extremely happy for you! :)

  12. oh dear, i must echo the words of everyone else--i LOVE these photos.

  13. I love these beach photos. It looks so fun and inviting.