May 31, 2011
salmon and avo
little raiza
raine and chop chop
caramel chocolate cake
I love long weekends! Especially when they include nieces, wine & cheese surprise birthday parties, and sushi.

In exactly one week I will be done with everything school related (that is, finals and final projects) and earlier tonight I just finished my last college essay ever (in Italian and about food blogs! go figure).

I'm looking around my little room and remembering the day I moved in last September. I made David get up at 8 in the morning because I wanted to be here early. I met Jenna for the first time in the parking lot. I rearranged the furniture and removed the closet doors.

Now my room is a disaster. Everything is unkept and sprawled out so I can "get to it" once I'm done with all of my school work. On my last day I don' t think I'll have David with me, Jenna is already moved out, and I have to move the furniture back to where it originally was.

I feel like I'm completing some kind of circle. This room will be exactly as it was when I first moved in (assuming I can replace those closet doors correctly...) and it'll be like I was never here. It's a life lesson I'd never expected from college.

In other news, I went to see Bridesmaids with David and cried during almost the entire movie. I'm not sure what was wrong, I just couldn't help it.


  1. I want to see bridesmaids so bad! i'm not sure when it comes out here. i have to comment on the cheese! looks amazing :)

  2. Maybe u 2 cried because of the meaning of what a wedding entails? Weddings make me cry just like a birth of a baby... You two are just very sensitive..; Weddings are beautiful and the deep commitment of marriage is awesome...

  3. aww you sad cried during the movie? i was crying from laughing the whole time. but good luck finishing up school and moving out. it's so weird leaving and having it be like you were never even there. it's humbling.

  4. O sushi,Cheese...be still my soul!
    Everyone keeps telling me to see Bridesmaids and that its not the usual chick flick.

  5. wine, cheese, sushi, family and surprise parties sounds almost too perfect :)

    its amazing how fast your time in education flies by, I still can't really believe that I've finished uni...

  6. KBF- haha no no! Only I cried during the movie, David was just there with me confused as to why I was crying. I was confused too.

  7. This cheese looks completely and utterly amazing x

  8. oh these pictures!!! these pictures. what a lovely post--love the coming full circle sentiment. congrats on the completion and what's now just in front of you!

  9. I dislike it when my room is a mess, and the photos are lovely!!!

    P.S i love long weekends as well :)

  10. cheese, sushi, cake = heaven.

  11. I tried to get my mom to try sushi this weekend at this really amazing place I've only gotten to eat at once... but she refused. Oh well! Maybe I'll get some sushi soon!

  12. ok....your nieces...i cannot handle the cuteness.