April 18, 2011
redwoods (my favorite)
I seem to have commuting in my blood. When I was in elementary school, my mom would drive us across the Bay Bridge every day so we could attend the schools we wanted. Now that I'm older, I seem to spend a lot more time in the car then I'd originally planned. I hit Santa Cruz and San Francisco in the same weekend and although I'm exhausted right now, each of my long drives was well worth it.
pretty mel
breakfast on a tiny table
rainbow chard
ammmaaazzzing homemade pizza with chard + lentils
at the cherry blossom festival
Before I could even enjoy the weekend, lost my cell phone and had no idea whatsoever where it could have gone. Then, while I replayed every possible scenario in my head, I got an email from my roommate saying a man contacted her because he found my cell phone in a parking lot! My battery was about to die so he hurried and tried to copy down my recent contacts and gave his information to Sarah and eventually I got my phone back the next morning. This is not the first time something like that has happened to me. I know it doesn't say much for my ability to hold onto my things, but it's a great testament for humanity. I know that every chance I get I'm going to pay it forward.

Alongside this happily-ending-fiasco, I also got to enjoy the weekend with my favorite coffee house, softball, my favorite veggie burger, brunch with David, and street-strolling in Santa Cruz. When I came back home, I went to my friend's adorable San Francisco studio apartment where we cooked one of the best meals I've had in a while (along with homemade thin mints*). Topped with an afternoon at the cherry blossom festival-- this weekend was good.

*You should know me well enough to know that these babies are getting their own post.

PS- Today I'm guest blogging about beloved Assisi over at Morgan's! Click here to visit.


  1. ahhhh, favorite veggie burgers are priceless.

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend :) and thank god for the kind people in this world

  3. That's so sweet of that man to find you to give your cell phone to you!! Pay it forward, definitely. ;)

  4. Looks like a fun filled weekend! i love the third photo :]

  5. Sounds rather lovely. I'm glad you got your phone back! Lovely photos as ever - made me rather hungry!

  6. yumm veggie burgers :) Lovely photos and sounds like a great weekend :) x