March 8, 2010
venice/verona were wonderful!
except that i am now sick.

but i'm still behind in posting my assisi photos,
so here they are now,
and next will be venice (:

what used to be the roman amphitheater

many of the houses had these little plant holders
because in june, assisi holds a competition
for balconies with flowers!

probably like this?

italians don't use dryers

san rufino
francis and clare were baptized here

need i say more?

basilica of santa chiara
and no, my photo is not lying
this church was PINK

pinkish limestone is a trademark of little assisi
and when you look at assisi from a distance,
you see a little white-ish, pinkish town

but i had no idea that anything would look this pink

umbrian views

the temple of minerva
but christian-ized

those are "stairs"

basilica of st. francis

a photo that i was not allowed to take

i got this audrey hepburn poster when we were in perugia
earlier that day, but i had to carry it around with me when
we went to assisi. i thought it would only be appropriate to
document audrey's company during our adventures

(ps.. sorry that my teeth are my only visible attribute...)

i wish that my photos conveyed how beautiful everything was


  1. i love your photos!!!! your soo lucky you get to see all this :D

  2. everything looks like a painting! i love the little boy and his horsie--so cuuute♥

  3. Your photos are unbelievable! I just love them and agree with Mel that the little boy is SO precious! I visited Italy twice last year but it is nothing like living there. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!

  4. your photos are quite good.

  5. I'm so glad you went this weekend instead of homework-ing!! I LOVE these pictures. So pretty!

  6. Awesome Pictures.. The place looks wonderful! A very very nice share :)
    This is my 1st post on your blog so apologies if my post shows any act of inappropriateness or informality.

    P.s.The camera quality is neat :D!

  7. I love those pictures! Looks really beautiful :)

  8. Your pictures make me want to travel soo much!! The views are so beautiful.