February 28, 2011
Dracula sucked the life out of me this weekend. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I did feel like I spent the majority of my free time reading. Let's just say that Count Dracula is a lot different than Edward Cullen. While I wasn't consumed by literature, I...

had some of the best pizza I've eaten since I was in Italy. Oakland's Pizzaiolo does it right.
reminisced about Florence with some friends over chianti and lemon pasta (coming soon!)
went to my very first ballet-- Swan Lake. It was a little weird seeing this side of the story after watching Black Swan, but it was still really lovely and elegant. Raine and Mina are on their way to becoming ballerinas.
ate "America's best English Muffin," from The Model Bakery, brought down all the way from Napa by sweet Jenna.
america's best english muffin
had a celebratory brunch with the roommates, complete with bellinis and mimosas.
portobello + mozzarella + sundried tomatoes
and spent lots of time goofing around with this little cutie pie while my sisters bought their Toms.
this cutie
Favorite Raine-quote from this weekend:
Celeste: Raine, when's your birthday?
Raine: When I turn 4!

Of course.


  1. Aww, Raine is tooo sweet. And you just made me hungry! :)


  2. oh my goodness, the picture of your sister. and the quote?! i die.

    also, those bellinis are making me feel quite parched as well. this looks like a lovely weekend my dear :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Your post made me hungry!! Sorry you didn't like Dracula, it's one of my favorites!

  4. Oh no! I did enjoy Dracula! I just thought it was different reading basically THE original vampire literature after first reading things like Twilight, etc. It was really good!

  5. I loved Dracula! It scared me to death, though. I had to stop reading it at night :)

  6. This post made me STARVING. That pizza looks so good.

  7. Lovely photos. I love the one of your nieces with the statues!

  8. i don't know which is omre "omg"worthy. the pizza or YOUR NIECE!?

  9. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! Dracula is such an intense novel i have to agree! That pizza, yummm!

  10. Your weekend sounds perfectly lovely! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  11. I think reading and eating sounds like a perfect weekend :)