summer in potsdam

February 25, 2011
lily pads
german wine bar
happy in the summer
summer pasta
at the park
This isn't wanderlust. I don't just want to go anywhere, I want to go back to summertime in Germany. When I was in Europe I was able to visit David three times and each time Potsdam was so lovely. Eating outside, shorts and dresses, walking everywhere.

Maybe it's because yesterday I spent two hours in traffic, in the rain. Or maybe it's because David finally posted his Potsdam photos (with a lot of encouragement from me). But every time I look at these I get a lot of nostalgia for a place I just barely got to know.


  1. Aww, I know what you mean about missing places you've visited. I visited friends in Berlin for 3 weeks and miss that city dearly. Summer in Potsdam seems lovely...Happy Friday lady.

  2. Wow, it looks so lovely! I live so close to Germany, I need to take advantage.

  3. wow that looks like such a lovely town! and you look beautiful in that picture!! have a good weekened.

  4. I know that feeling. I miss being in China, despite the awful pollution and being so far from my family. But i love your photos of Germany! I need to go back there. :)

  5. this is really, really beautiful. these photos all evoke the exact mood you describe. i want summer in europe too.

  6. Looks great! That pasta is making me hungry!

  7. oh that looks like such a dreamy place! i can see why you long to go back. hopefully it will happen again soon!

  8. LOVELY photos Celeste! i love the first one and the one of you & David :)