February 15, 2011
aquarium at the california academy
our hand-sewn flowers
my valentine
fresh pita
hummus and david; i love both
a falafel wrap and sunny weather
cafe brioche for valentine's brunch
I think I've eaten out more in the past week than I have in all of January. Naan n' Curry, Anatolian Kitchen, Celia's, and Cafe Brioche all in one weekend... not that I'm complaining. I love food.

The weekend started with NightLife at the California Academy of Science-- museum admission at night with beverages and such (more on that later). David came for the weekend and although it seems like all we did was eat, we also managed to play more Settlers and take a long walk on a sunny afternoon.

And now I have to face the consequences of doing almost no work the entire weekend. In an ideal world, I would have finished my English response papers, studied for my midterm and had enough time to bake Valentine's treats for everyone I love... but this weekend was my ideal weekend, spending lots of time with the boy (and food) I love.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Weekends like these take priority over schoolwork!

  2. "And now I have to face the consequences of doing almost no work the entire weekend" - i know that feeling all too well.

  3. I love his shirt!. lol... and does he abide?

  4. omg I can't wait to hear about the museum... and I love David's "the dude abides" shirt.. Matt would love one of those!

  5. How pretty, and David's so sweet :)

    happy valentines day!

  6. i think your w/e sounds good to me :)

  7. naan n' curry, academy of science...WOW what a great day!! tow great sf spots!


  8. Looks like a perfect Valentine's day! You can never go wrong with delicious food and a sweet boyfriend :)

  9. Sounds like lots of fun. Glad you had such a great weekend!!

  10. you said so many of my favorite things! :) we're heading back home to san francisco tomorrow and have plans to eat at naan n' curry thursday night. we haven't found an indian place that's as good and as cheap here in LA. we're also going to the academy of sciences thursday afternoon. we've been 3 times and still have never made it into the rain forest. sheesh!