the academy at night

February 16, 2011
see the turtle!?
butterflies everywhere
overhead aquarium
under the sea
After our delicious Indian feast of huge naan and biryani, my residence went to NightLife at the California Academy of Science. I remember walking around the gigantic museum as a kid and just being amazed by everything. Even though we only saw two exhibits (the rainforest and the aquarium) on Thursday, I still felt the same childhood feelings.

And not to say that I don't love children, but it was really nice just walking around the museum without kids screaming and running around. I got to take my time with my photos (I'm so proud of that iguana!) and the evening went by so quickly. I never thought that the museum at night would be so much fun (cue bad Night at the Museum jokes).


  1. that iguana picture is amaaaazing!

  2. oh wow. that rainforest exhibit is beautiful. so lush!
    that photo of the jellyfish is amazing by the way! i can never get a good photo of them D:

  3. How goregous! California has so many beautiful museums...

  4. wow! i want to go to there! how amazingly gorgeous!

  5. I 100% agree with the no kids aspect of visiting the academy at night.

  6. It's so pretty there! i love all the greenery and the photos!

  7. Our local aquarium often hosts nighttime events and it's so fun to explore after-hours, without kids, usually wearing a cocktail dress and carrying a glass of wine! Much more enjoyable if you ask me.

  8. fkgh holy moly! i was just in san fran last week and was going to go to this! drat for not actually living in san fran, thus having the time to go :( this looks awesome though :)

  9. i love the academy of sciences. we've been so many times but never got to see the rain forest {it was always closed for one reason or another}. last week we tried to go see the rain forest and our friend who works there {and gets us in for free} got stuck in meetings all day, so we never got in. blerg! :) that elusive rain forest...