things to love {about melbourne}

September 14, 2010
by Anna, with pictures from our photoswap

1. the trams that are so easy to get around in
2. that it hosts the Australian Open every January
3. the great thrifting spots
4. the arts & craft culture
5. the architecture of the old Victorian buildings
6. how the best places are often hidden in little laneways or underground

photoswap pictures by anna
my favorite
Thanks for sharing, Anna!
Melbourne looks like a great place to visit
and I'd love to take a trip to find it's hidden treasures :)

If you have a list of things to love about your city, feel free to send me your list with a few photos (including one of your feet!)


  1. this is wonderful. i love that last photo :)

  2. Would love to go to Melbourne. That's funny that Anna wrote it, Ana commented and now Annah is commenting. Freaky.

  3. i would LOVE to visit melbourne one day! one of my must see places!!


  4. I`d love to visit melbourne. and the architecture there, from what I`ve seen, is truly worth seeing. :)

    lovely pics!


  5. definitely a city in my must-go to places; this photoswap idea is swell; a kind of next best thing to actual travel :-)

  6. The two of you both swapped such great photos! I've heard amazing things about Melbourne and would love to take a trip there soon.

  7. If tickets werent so darn expensive I would be there in a heart beat

  8. This makes me look forward to visiting one day

  9. oh these is so fun. if only i had way fun stuff like that in my city... mmm maybe if i think i can come up with something grand!!

  10. These are awesome photos. I want to go!

  11. The photos are wonderful and so is the list of reasons why it's wonderful. :) I really like that. Maybe I'll get to visit one day! :D

  12. Love this!! It definitely looks like a fantastic place to visit... I hope to get there someday! :)

  13. awesome pictures, especially the last one :D
    yeah I do really want to visit Melbourne, it's like my #1 destination If I go to Australia some day