everything terrible for you but terribly good that i ate this weekend

September 13, 2010

1. mint brownies
2. strawberry shortcake (homemade whipped cream!)
3. a berry smoothie (is this bad for you?)
4. a churro
5. chocolate cake with layers of bananas and strawberries (... in more whipped cream)
6. ... with ice cream
7. and more ice cream

I'm not usually one to obsess about what I eat but... this is ridiculous. All of this was only over the span of three days... It seems that all I do when I see people is eat. Are farewell friend get-togethers and a brother's birthday good excuses? Probably not, but I'm using them.

cake and ube ice cream

P.S. A few of my photoswap photos are up today at Anna's blog for Much Love Monday!


  1. Aaahh homemade strawberry shortcake! My mom used to make it from scratch and we would eat it for dinner. So good.

    Also, I use "I want it" as an excuse to eat something, so get togethers and parties are great excuses in my opinion. :)

  2. I LOVE Strawberry shortcake. I could eat and it alone for days

  3. that strawberry shortcake looks absolutely delicious!

    i personally think get-togethers and birthdays are GREAT excuses to eat all of that! haha

  4. ok you are making me hungry!!
    i bought my boots at zara, they are from this season so you'll manage to find them. maybe you can shop them online? :)

    have a lovely day!!

  5. Yum. you sure do know how to make and buy the right things :)

  6. I ate so much this weekend too. I eat so much all the time. Especially fro-yo & pizza. it's bad.

  7. Oh YUM. I just ate an amazing lemon buttercream cupcake and am now craving this. Damn my sweet tooth! x

  8. YUM! That's what weekends are for...delicious food! :)

  9. i wanto eat everything on that list! and its only 08:30 in the morning!! :) oh, what's churro?

  10. Oh dear! I'm so sorry you haven't been introduced to churros sooner! Well, they are sometimes referred to as a Spanish donut, but in essence it's just a long piece of fried dough coated in cinnamon and sugar. It's delicious and looks like this: http://home.comcast.net/~osoono/ethnicdoughs/churro/churro.htm

  11. any suggestions on how to eat all of that and not gain a pound?

  12. hahahaah no still working on that one ;)

  13. mmm i feel so piggy but love the weekends when i just let myself go! i've been eating the "moose tracks extra" ice cream (my favorite!) all week!

  14. Mmmm I love the moose tracks ice cream! In fact, David's mom has some at their house and it may be gone by the end of the week...