June 8, 2010
i often like to say that autumn is my favorite season. being here in oxford during trinity term, or just spring, makes me want to pick a new favorite. a few weeks ago i was just walking in university park and i came upon these beauties. i love that flowers are plentiful here, especially tulips, because they're my favorite. i almost never see tulips like this back home in california and finding them here is always such a pleasant surprise.

tulips are my favorite for a reason (:


  1. Ah the glory of England, reading a visitors perspective of this country makes me appreciate it so much more. I've had tulips in the garden like that since I was tiny :)
    Lovely blog!
    L x

  2. amazing. flowers are beautiful!

  3. such beautiful colors!!! fall is my favorite season too, but sometimes at night when i'm reading on my porch in just shorts and a shirt and can see lightning bugs... it kinda makes me want to change mine to summer!

  4. love the first picture.


  5. those flowers look surreal

  6. Orange and red tulips are far superior to pink and purple.