April 8, 2010

and for the past few days, i have no wifi on my computer so i can't upload the rest of the photos from our trip until i get to england :(

but i still want to blog so i'm playing along with ashley's favorites list and invite you to do the same!

my favorite letter is L.
my favorite number is four.
my favorite color is lavender.
my favorite flowers are tulips.
my favorite place is the kitchen.
my favorite animals are axolotls.
my favorite sound is the polaroid shutter.
my favorite smell is david's shampoo.
my favorite season is autumn.
my favorite food is schnitzel.
my favorite show is Community.
my favorite candy is Ritter Sport chocolate.
my favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice (2005).
my favorite time is 2:00pm.
my favorite band is Paramore.
my favorite drink is Coke in a bottle.
my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
my favorite word is serendipity.
my favorite thing is holding hands.

{photo via i am the crime}


  1. ohh great list of favorites! serendipity is a pretty great word:)

  2. Adding a sound was such a good idea. I thought for a while but couldn't think of any more favorites to add. glad you thought of that! so happy you played along :)

  3. pride and prejudice.. :D


  4. i've been seeing this float around bloggyland lately... i might just have to cave and do it myself! ;)

    holding hands is one of the best things in life. period.

  5. Hello :) I LOVE that photo. I've really enjoyed living vicariously through you as you travel.

  6. love the photo and this post is amazing!

  7. aw i love that photo :)