April 14, 2010
well.. i FINALLY have internet, now that i'm all settled in for the next few months in oxford.
but before i write about all of the beautiful things here, i should finish writing about the end of my trip with david. from frankfurt we took a train to salzburg, via munich.

these photos are sort of in backwards order,
but i like how they turned out.

i love salzburg.

sunshine at the park, schloƟ hellbrunn

with the "panoramic view" of the city center

noming on a yummy cinnamon and sugar pretzel

st. peter's catacombs

the alps!

nonnberg abbey

church that i forgot the name to :(
*edit: salzburg cathedral
(thank you, antonia!)

there were a ton of horse-drawn carriages in the streets

griesgrasse and all of the shops' signs

mirabell gardens and fountains
we love ducks, sunshine, and parks
(and austria)


  1. Great pictures!
    The church is called Salzburg Cathedral ;)

  2. SO gorgeous! i love the shop signs and the carriages... and i really love the second to last photo!! :)

  3. so so so so beautiful! <333 your photos are always so breath taking

  4. did you get to ride the ponies?

  5. haha no! i assumed that anything horse or pony related would be ridiculously expensive so i stayed away.

  6. i love all the photos! especially the third one. everything looks so beautiful!!!!

  7. I've been there too. loved the shop signs :D did you see that monk with the green face standing on the street as a "tourist attraction"? he was weird :D