what on earth was louis xiv thinking?

March 27, 2010
ever since taking "enriched european history"
during my sophomore year in high school
i've wanted to go to the palace of versailles

so david and i sacrificed one of our days in paris
and took the RER train to versailles for the day
(rick steves told us it could be "an afternoon trip"
and he was terribly, terribly wrong)
the palace was pretty big, but the gardens were just absolutely enormous
and i don't know how louis xiv managed to get around
although.. he probably had a carriage to pull him around or something

thumb war on the metro
ps- we took the metro the roundabout way
and it took 1.5 hours to get there instead of 20 minutes = fail
first look at the massive gardens

along with 34,675 other tourists
latone's fountain and parterre

flora fountain

petit venise? and a swan

with the treesssss
david on the left, and little me on the right

a field of sheep, nbd

inside marie antoinette's apartments
(i don't understand why her house was so far away from the palace)

but it was pretty fancy
i loved that each of the rooms was color-coordinated

stopping for a photo in marie antoinette's gardens
though at this point our feet were dying

everything gigantic = feet really, really sore
(and at this point we were still more than 1.5 kms from the palace)

photos by david

the petit trianon

with the dragon fountain
the pyramid fountain

we saved the palace for last

the hall of mirrors!!!
this is was the main reason that i wanted to go to versailles
it was a little hectic because of the mass amounts of tourists
but the mirrors and windows and chandeliers were still gorgeous

then we went to get a little lunch
and took the metro back
(when it only took 20 minutes we realized we went the long way that morning)
and when we got off we found this:


  1. Wowwww there is so much to see! Soak it all in!

  2. I LOVED Versailles! I went all over France (for a little over half a month) this summer, and I have so many pictures!

    Little side note: My family was in the paper for our picture with Latone's fountain. :D http://abiteofallison.blogspot.com/2009/09/im-celebrity.html

    SO much stuff! http://abiteofallison.blogspot.com/search/label/france

  3. i want to use the picture inside versailes of the pictures as my background. these are absolutely beautiful. i kept sighing in awe