venezia - this is real?

March 10, 2010
sometime when i was younger,
i was watching the history channel and they told me
that venice was sinking.

since then i've been panicking about needing to go
because i didn't want to miss it.

luckily, they've been adding layers to the foundation
(lifting the tiles of piazza san marco and layering sand underneath)
and now the city just deals with flooding.

when i went to venice this weekend,
i wanted it to flood so badly
because i thought it would be fun to splash around in my rain boots
but the water was really low :(

however, there was a lot of sunshine...

view from the rialto bridge

our first vaporetto ride
(one of about... 9)

oh you know.. just some gondoliers chatting on the grand canal

the vaporetto's patriotism

the docks, with san giorgio in the back

getting ready to take the next boat to murano

the venetians liked me so much
that they named a vaporetto stop after me
(the actual stop was pretty cool- it had medieval walls all around)

the campanile

more gondolas!

typical venetian "street"

more venice photos to come
even though i've already looked through my venice pictures
tons and tons and tons of times

it always seems unreal

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  1. Aww, so pretty! Ha ha I love that you were afraid you wouldn't get to Venice in time! That is too cute and sounds exactly like something a child would think!

    I remember when I was small my mom would talk about what a great guy my dad is, and she would say, "Really good men are hard to find", and so for a LONG time I was so scared that by the time I was old enough to find a man, somebody would have taken all the good ones. Hah!