in fair verona, where we lay our scene

March 13, 2010
well i'm now extremely behind since
i've now gone to 7 other towns since i've gone to verona
but those will make it on here in due time

after the girls and i went to venice, we stopped in
verona for a few hours on our way back to florence

i know i must say this about every town i visit
but.. it's adorable.
the cutest little city of love, imho

inside the roman arena

and outside

the parade that we kept seeing all around town

the main shopping street, via mazzini

piazza erbe
the old town center

where merchants used to weigh their goods in order to trade

la torre di lamberti

the view
seems a little reminiscent of bologna

inside the church of sant'anastasia
one of the most beautiful churches i've ever seen

right next to the ponte pietra

eating lunch in the roman theatre
with a cat?

the view from higher up

i love the contrast of the houses along the river

i saw these two walking via mazzini
on our way back to the train station

verona is pretty well visited
just because of juliet's house
so i'm dedicating a whole separate post to it

i hope you weekends are going well ♥


  1. oh my goodness how very shakespeare of you! i hope you get your package soon :)

  2. love the green boots. (: