the countdown begins

March 15, 2010
as of today, david and i will be on the same continent in 8 days. while i am sad to be leaving florence, i think i'm more content because

1- i'm heading off to new adventures
1.5- with david
2- i'm coming back to italy for three weeks this summer :)

my countdown has been kind of weird because he flies out on the 22nd but doesn't arrive until the 23rd, so i guess my countdown should say 7/8?

either way, i am so excited.

two and a half months is a little too much time away from someone i love so much.
we're meeting in paris
& then gallivanting off to other countries for about 2 weeks.

{high school photo of david and me from 2007}


  1. I hope one day I can write the phrase "we're meeting in Paris" about a boy I am crazy in love with. How romantic! Have fun. You deserve it after all this time apart.

  2. Meeting your love in Paris, how amazingly romantic! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. awe. you two are too sweet! it's an amazing feeling to be in love, and i love your header!

  4. AWESOME! and love the list.

  5. the picture is sooooo cute! I love high school love stories! And congrats on getting to go to paris. :)

  6. aaw thts realy cool for you.. have a lots of fun and be safe...


  7. Yay! That's the greatest thing I've ever heard! How neat that you will finally be together again!

  8. awwwe so sweet! I'm excited for you!!