the only exception

February 17, 2010

i know i've been bombarding you with my love for paramore,
but hopefully you understand why.
(i also really love the valentines in this!)

this was just released a few hours ago.

my next post will be all about italy, i promise.


  1. i LOVE this song!! So glad you posted this... it made my day!!

  2. i love the video and i feel like this right now.


  3. Oh I love Hayley and I love Paramore, you can post about them all day!

    p.s. I like your new layout.. did you do it yourself? I have been wanting to add photo links like yours on the left but I am entirely clueless haha

  4. thanks maddy! and yes, i did do my layout myself (lots of time playing with photoshop and html codes). if you email me i can try to explain how i made my sidebar buttons (:

  5. i love paramore. haley is just too cool.
    this song is incredible!

  6. i seriously don't mind the paramore love at all, i adore them!!! :) this song is incredible. just incredible. i love it.

  7. i saw paramore in concert! shes so so awesome hahaha
    and i hope you get to go to barcelona :) im so jealous youre in europe. have fun, lucky girl!