la repubblica di san marino

February 16, 2010
i didn't learn this until my professor told me in italian last quarter, but, there are actually 3 republics within italy. i knew about vatican city, and there's italy itself, but there's also a little republic called san marino near the eastern coast of the country. san marino is the 5th smallest country in the world (first is vatican city, then monaco, then nauru, and then tuvalu).

i had no idea what to expect when i was planning the trip, but upon arrival i was greeted by the most beautiful snow i've ever seen and magical castle/towers to match.

some paths in the city

cute little snow animals that tourists from earlier in the day left behind (:

the view from basically everywhere in the city.
san marino, the city, is capitol of san marino the country, and it sits atop a little mountain.

passport stamped (:

their white mailboxes (as opposed to italian red ones)
and some fun carnevale masks

my first snow ball!
no, i am not lying.

left a little message behind for david

la torre della guaita

some window views from inside the tower

la torre della cesta
(these castle-looking towers were watch-towers during the medieval era to alert the tiny republic if invaders were on the way)

the snowy snowy path to the third tower
(sorry for the lack of 3rd tower photo.. it was difficult to find a good angle while in the woods)

it was a very, very long day.
but all in all, i can honestly say,
"i love you, san marino"


  1. How charming! I would never think of San Marino as a place to visit, but now I'd love to go.

  2. that place looks amazing. the view is breathtaking!

  3. OMG! The tower photo is so beautiful!!! Like, not just a good memory, but art.

  4. Wow, I never knew! Thanks for teaching me today :)

    Also, I think I would like to live in that watchtower and look out the windows all day long.....

  5. wooooow!!!! So beautiful (like always!) Love love love it!

  6. that's the sweetest love message! your blog gives me the travel bug. and those gnocchi - i remember loving the three cheese gnocchi in rome. i tried and failed to make gnocchi once, but i really should try again.