my own kind of quiet

February 22, 2010

i had an amazing weekend visiting naples, sorrento, pompeii and viareggio. there was a lot of time on trains but i miss it now that i'm back at school. i like sitting in motion, knowing that i'll be at my destination eventually-
but not yet.

now that i'm back i think i just want to stay in that mood. i don't want to talk to anyone and i don't want to say anything. i just want to spell my thoughts out for myself and leave them alone.

do you ever feel like it's okay to have nothing to say?



  1. All the time! Perhaps even too much. I believe introspection is good, though, and often needed...

  2. i know exactly how you feel, and it's okay to have nothing to say!

  3. yes yes yes i think its great how ppl jst want to express themselves with silence because silence explains everything your feeling...


    p.s. great post.

  4. oh that photo you found is awesome! i like the mood and setting

  5. Been there love and it's sometimes just what we need at the time, it's a good thing.

    && congrats on your photo win with if you never have, you deserve it! ox

  6. yes i definitely do :) your photos on the last post were so amazing! i want to go so badly

  7. oh yes, i think it's healthy and surprisingly cathartic in a way to just be still and quiet, and to be alone with your thoughts. i'm with you!