bernard berenson's fiesole gardens

February 19, 2010
for my art history course on the history of museums, my class went to bernard berenson's villa in fiesole. this guy was one of the first people to come to italy and really analyze renaissance art. since he became a connoisseur in the area, he ended up collecting a lot of art himself. i wasn't allowed to take photos inside his villa, but photos of his gardens were permitted...

pretty gorgeous.

i'm off to naples/sorrento/pompeii for the weekend

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. And YOU have a wonderful weekend, too! These pictures are GORGEOUS.

  2. have a great weekend and the photos look amazing!

  3. so gorgeous!! omg your so lucky!

  4. i love these photographs. please enjoy dolce italia twice for me...

    you are SO lucky to be there studying. I had THE SUMMER of my life when i was 19 and there during a break from college. le sigh....

    brings back a thousand memories... me and a boy called Francesco. A little itty bitty yellow vintage bikini, and Pisa at night.