January 18, 2010
i was tagged to share 7 things about myself but
to keep up with the theme of travel,
here are my 7* photos of places i love.
{*thank you to the lovely madi rose for tagging me :)}


amherst, massachusetts
i only visited for a few days back in 2006,
but that fall foliage was to die for.


florence, italy
i know that i just got here, and maybe it's too soon to say, but i think i love being here. maybe it's just the newness and the wonder of being somewhere so rich with history, but every morning when i cross this bridge going to school, i smile.


englischer garten
munich, germany
it was so beautiful and green and calm when i went to visit. i wish i had had more time to get lost in it but i guess that's just another reason to go back again :)


santa cruz, california
so i know it isn't exotic or anything,
but being surrounded by redwoods yet being so close to the ocean
is a wonderful feeling.


nauplion, greece
my first city out of dirty, busy athens.
this little town warmed my heart with my first glimpse of greece's real beauty.


inside churches, anywhere
{this one taken in delphi, greece <3}
maybe it was my upbringing,
but sitting in an empty, quiet church fills me with awe.


pacifica/the bay area, california
as much as i love to travel and explore,
nothing feels better than knowing that i have a place
to call and return to as home.

i would like to tag
1. elizabeth at simply bee
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6. johanna of whirly bird

of course you can just share 7 things about yourselves :)

(i would tag more but i think i'm one of the last people in the universe to do this.
my letter blog was also tagged, so i did a more personal list there)


  1. thanks for the tag. I'll be sure to do this as soon as i find the photos, and time. i also awarded you, sorry i didn't let you know.

    enjoy love!

  2. P.S i really like the englischer garten, and Germany. the photos are breathtaking!

    by the way; who made your banner?

  3. did you take all of those yourself? because if so, you are a photo stud

  4. I'm so jealous of all the places you have traveled! looks so beautiful!

  5. i LOVE santa cruz. it's breathtaking!
    and the florence and munich pictures are a dream!
    i would love to visit both places someday. :)
    and greece, too!

  6. you've been to so many beautiful places.
    what a blessing!

  7. thanks! i really like this idea of listing your seven fav places instead of seven random things about you. will share once i can get some photos off my old comp. and who wouldn't smile about getting to go to school in florence??

  8. i agree about being in churches! when i went to spain they were incredible.
    Also, i'm starting a bookclub! the first book is going to be the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky :) shoot me an email to let me know if you're interested:

  9. Why did I not respond to this the first time I saw it? HM.. my mind is driving me crazy! Thank you so much for this- I truly enjoyed reading your places (and I really liked the pictures!)

  10. Such pretty pictures!
    I stumbled over your blog at Nicole's Love Story Project.. :)