antique(s in) lucca

January 17, 2010

yesterday i took a day trip to the little town of lucca. lucca is extremely old (founded by the etruscans) and still has a defensive wall that has surrounded it for 2000 years (it has three layers because it started with the roman, then added the medieval, then the renaissance).

the train was a little less than 2 hours and really inexpensive so i thought it would make a good place to visit for my first day trip from florence. upon arrival, we were greeted with a GIGANTIC antique fair throughout the town. they have antique markets every 3rd weekend of the month and we just happened to pick that weekend!

i really want a typewriter and a record player...
it would have been hard to lug these all over europe, though

badminton rackets!

antiques galore!
these photos are just a tiny glimpse.

carousel in piazza napoleone
(napoleon gave lucca to his sister as a present in 1805)

the top of basilica san frediano

san martino

beautiful houses in the residential area

my travel partner for the day, alessandra <3

the path along the town's ancient walls


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. PPLEEEAASSE tell me you at least a LITTLE thing at that antique market! I would totally die to be there.. so lucky! and seriously beautiful.

  2. why i love your blogs so much: all of the amazing pictures.
    take a quick peak at my blog. you've been tagged!

  3. these pictures are lovely :) you have an intereting blog :) happy new year to you :) !

  4. allison- i WANTED to buy some tea cups for my mother (she has a collection!) SO badly but i was afraid they were going to break before i got back :( never fear.. there's another antique market in arezzo coming up!

  5. You look amazing. I really enjoy vintage and antiques. P.S that photo of the window porch is breathtaking!

  6. i love that baby grand!
    and how cute you are!