friday five

December 18, 2009

13 days until europe!
i'm flying out on new year's eve and am slightly anxious, slightly terrified, slightly ready.
i'm going to meet this darling girl in rome
and from there we're going to head up to florence where
we'll be for the next 3 months!

and two nights ago david and i just booked
3 nights in paris
for our adventures together in late march/ early april
i can't believe this is actually happening.


a few days ago i saw this beautiful photo
(she has a wonderful blog!)
so i thought i'd give it a try...


my lens aperture doesn't go low enough
(which i found out after johanna & kurt kindly gave me tips)
but i did get this photo when i experimented
with the city lights from my porch.
i couldn't get the hearts that i wanted
so i sort of forced my aperture to give me hearts
and they came out upside down..
and i kind of like it (:


i would like to introduce you to my dear friend camille.
as you can see, she's not part of the blogger community
but she has an amazing tumblr
and she always finds the most beautiful things.

and, she's in love with
just like i am
so she always posts GREAT photos from those two movies

love her <3


yesterday i babysat my other niece, raiza.
she is adorable.
and she is extra cute when
her sister, raine, is trying to take care of her.


i'm headed to windsor for the weekend
with david and his parents
a vacation within a vacation?
it feels weird not being in school
and having no stress
but i think i can get used to it :)

7 days 'til Christmas!!!


  1. I like your light picture! I wanted to try and do one myself, too. Have fun on your vacation! :)

  2. Have a fabulous trip to Europe! :) I adore Paris, lived there for 6 months. I never made it to Italy, though...that's still on the list!

  3. congratulations on the trips. you're lucky! Raiza is adorable, and i personally love the photo of the swirly hearts. it's too cute. how did you do it?

  4. elizabeth- for the light photo, you just put your aperture on its lowest setting, click the shutter, and while the shutter delays to take the picture you move the camera around :)

  5. nothing like a dose of europe to wash away the stanford blues

  6. enjoy europe...i wish i was in your place...i remember how much fun it was for me when i went there between my junior and senior year of college...i met the greatest friends, and found myself writing the best poetry as well...