baked brie

December 17, 2009
yesterday david and i went christmas shopping, had lunch, then headed to santa cruz for the night. while we were there, i decided to experiment making baked brie (minus the almonds, because i'm allergic).

the chopped shallot and pear

sauteed with butter, white wine, brown sugar & thyme

hollowed out sourdough round with a layer of brie,
half of the pear mixture, more brie, more pear, more brie :)

the finished product

i think i may not have left it in the oven long enough.. i was too impatient to try it! but other than that i think it was a pretty successful first attempt. and this was just practice for the tea party i'm hosting next week...

happy thursday!


  1. That looks DElICIOUS. My goodness. I'm gonna go eat something right now!

  2. Looks delish! Your a good cook :)

  3. oh and one last thing. you do have it in you to be a runner. or whatever you want to be. just like you want to travel the world. just do it if you want to do it!!!

  4. Baked brie is so tasty! I like mine with fig paste and puff pastry. They also sell them that way at Whole Foods. Soo good.

  5. oh damnnnn! there is simply nothing better than a good baked brie.