friday five

December 4, 2009
every friday, one of my favorite authors posts a "friday five" on her blog.
about everything and anything, and i love what she has to share.
so i thought i'd adopt the idea myself:

finals week is fast approaching. luckily i survived this past week, and only have a paper, and 2 finals left. these 2 finals are going to be brutal, though. however, i cannot wait for noon next friday. why, you ask? freedom, that's why :)


i live in a co-op on campus and my cooking job as a resident is to bake bread from scratch once a week. these are the before and afters of what i made last night. super easy crescent rolls. i thought they were pretty tasty.


one of my favorite things about baking is that i'm forced to spend time in our communal kitchen for a long amount of time. while i'm there, i get to run into people and hang out with whoever else is cooking. my friend, jireh, was making some indonesian barbeque last night and while i was baking he started boiling some lemon grass. he then add a ton of honey and poured me a glass of delicious iced-lemon-grass-honey-tea. delicious, and so very-sweet of him.

yesterday while i was waiting for my 6 o'clock section to start i ran into my friend, karmia. we lived in the same hall as freshmen but hadn't seen each other for more than a year, and like magic, i ran into her. i guess running into people is really common, but it felt so good to reconnect with someone i adore so much. she is also a published poet. she's amazing.


last and finally, i was wondering if i could get some input from my [few, but very important] readers. i'm leaving to study abroad in florence this january, and then going to oxford in april. in between sessions, i have a 3-week period free to travel and do as i please. magically, david is also studying abroad [in germany] in april, but is coming early and we're going to explore parts of western europe during that time together.

i grew up watching "the sound of music" and thought that austria would be a beautiful place to visit. my thoughts were reaffirmed when i found the above picture in joy williams' adventure blog.

do you have any suggestions on where to go, or are there places you've always hoped to visit?

i hope the weekend finds you well <3


  1. oooooh your study abroad sounds magical! we love travelling and just got back from spain, france, and england. i suggest southern france, in the basque country. it was gorgeous. beautiful mountains to my left and perfect beaches to my right. cant get better than that! i have also been dying to visit austria, and germany, and czech republic, all those places! i love travelling, this blog rocks:)

  2. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    yours is soo cute... i love baking bread!

    while you're in europe, you should go to salzburg and vienna! i've been to salzburg and it is too cute. i havent been to vienna but i hear it's incredible! (i'm a super big fan of wienerschnitzel too...)