December 2, 2009
as a college student i really shouldn't be watching television.
and i don't.
i watch hulu :)

i have been a longtime loyal follower of the office,
because it's amazing, of course,
but earlier this quarter david introduced me to

i know everyone is pumped on glee right now
(i've never watched it but i hear it's amazing)
but community is clever and down right hilarious.
all of the characters are so perfect and i always look forward
to friday mornings/ weekends so i can catch up on
my thursday night shows.

without further ado, here is the nbc trailer:


  1. me too! i watch Hulu :D
    being in school doesnt give me time to watch tv sometimes :/

    but omg yess Glee is amazing!! Its the show that makes me happy everytime i watch :D

  2. if you like nbc's thursday night comedies, you will love 30rock

  3. i tried 30 rock and it just didn't speak to me :(