vive la tarte

February 6, 2013
Vive La Tarte Vive La Tarte Vive La Tarte Vive La Tarte Vive La Tarte
I teamed up with my pal Ashley to shoot these delectable pies from Vive La Tarte. Arnaud and Julie were delightful to work with-- it was wonderful to hear how they still use traditional family recipes and make all of their tartes based on seasonally available ingredients. I can personally vouch for the creme brûlée, lemon meringue, and beet-apple-goat-cheese (not pictured) tartes. The flavors and textures are divine and I'd be happy to eat the majority of my meals on that crust.

I might be getting carried away. Or not.


  1. ohhh, yum! I got a blowtorch for cooking for christmas (specifically for creme brulee, its my fave) and this is making me excited about using it!

  2. This all look so delicious! And the photographs are just so beautiful :)