south lake tahoe

January 28, 2013
camp richardson
Snow has always been a magical, foreign, slightly frightening thing to me. Even though I grew up within easy driving distance of Lake Tahoe, my family only went once or twice and I hardly remember it.

Having just driven up for a long weekend, I think it's something special. There's something about the way the cold radiates off the snow and makes everything so fresh. The way it blankets homes and cars and anything else that'll give it a chance. Even the way it encourages us to hurry on inside to get cozy.

I'm hoping to make a point of it to visit more often.

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  1. Tahoe is one of my happy places. :)

  2. Brilliantly beautiful. What a wondrous background! And it looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

  3. Great pictures! Now I like to spent some time at lake tahoe too... :-)

  4. The lake and the snow together are so enchanting. I'm going this weekend, I can't wait!

  5. It's beauuuuutiful! I love the photo of the dock.

  6. Wow great pics!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved to read your comment... Wow my first reader from abroad... you make me a little bit proud ;-)

    It would be so fun if you follow me... I`ll try to write more Posts in English... But the Friday Column ist always bilingual ;-)

    All the best