the bermudez family

December 5, 2012
IMG_9077 Bermudez1 Untitled Bermudez2 BermudezPortraits IMG_9110 Bermudez4 Bermudez3 IMG_9346
A few months ago I realized that even though I love working for a company I support and believe in, I'd become lackluster about my own passions and my goals for myself. Mostly in the regards to photography. One Portland morning, I had tea with Leela and she reinspired me to try different genres and constantly challenge myself (along with finally posting my portfolio).

Fast forward to a Saturday in the park, with my sister and her beautiful family as my first subjects while I tried my hand at family portraiture. I've always known that I love taking photos of, well... love, but I'd always limited this concept to couples. Little did I realize that family love is a whole big 'nother kind of wonderful love that is just as heartwarming and rewarding to shoot as the other kind. Love is love. 


  1. love is love and these are beautiful, I think you did a lovely job capturing it :) x

  2. These are some wonderful shots!