the saturday market

September 20, 2012
Saturday morning at the Portland Farmers Market was one of my favorite mornings to date. Coley and I decided to go on a whim and having made "plans in passing" with friends before, I wasn't expecting to actually make it.

I think my heart fluttered when I found it. It's enormous and full of joy. Every basket, every crate, every table was art. I even ordered biscuits and mushroom gravy serendipitously named "The Moneyball." I'm not sure what else to say, but I hope the colors speak for themselves.

Photos half by Coley, half by me.

artichokes + beans hi, onion carrots pups selling biscuit heaven honey butter + sweet tea flowers laying sunflowers
the band
dill flowers berries coley + hydrangeas


  1. Those. Flowers. Are. STUNNING!
    Holy gorgeous. This is definitely something I'm going to miss about summer.

  2. I always love the farmers market flowers, they always look so amazing. This market looks beyond amazing. I keep dreaming of the fresh baked pretzel crossiant i had the last farmers market i went, it was heavenly!

  3. OMG! Look at all those blueberries! I'd be in heaven! :)

  4. this is my fave saturday morning activity! mine doesn't come with music though :(

  5. I, too, just bought green beans!! I love fresh veggies and farmers markets!

  6. I adore markets, of any kind. It's by far and above my favourite way to shop. And these ones look great! Captured beautifully. Kellie xx