lake forest

August 30, 2012
Regardless of what I've read, seen, or heard from anyone else, The Great Gatsby has always struck a chord with me. It's a novel that I forget then reread and then choose the same favorite quotes accidentally. Every time.

The Paris Review recently published a piece in which the author believed to have visited the town "Where Daisy Buchanan Lived." I'm silly about these kinds of things, so of course we drove up.

Untitled Untitled lakeforest
I should have seen this coming, what with the golf course as the article's feature photo; but when I got there.. it was mostly just a golf course. The bemused country club attendants showed me where I could take this gloriously lit photo, but the sky was paler than an April morning.

But nevermind. Adventures end when you let them, and we weren't ready.

Untitled Untitled
We found the most picturesque pond, fresh with wildflowers and dotted with the drizzling rain. It was regal, enchanting, and everything I pictured Daisy to call home.

Untitled gatsby


  1. I love the Great Gatsby too. Did you hear there is a movie coming out soon?
    Here is the trailer:

    1. I did hear! I'm excited and nervous for it- can't wait!

  2. ahh i'm from right near there! (well, kind of) my mum and i used to take the train there from our little suburb and spend the day in downtown lake forest... such good memories! have a lovely time in chicago, i hope you are getting a good amount of lou malnati's :-)

    1. We drove through the downtown and thought it was so quaint and cute. I haven't had any lou malnati's yet but that's right up top on my list!

  3. i am incredibly envious that you got to visit! i read the same article and was charmed. oh, daisy..

  4. Oh wow, this place looks beautiful.I love that first black and white shot.