soma streat food park

June 11, 2012

The SoMa StrEat Food Park recently opened and after spending last Friday's Happy Hour there, I couldn't be more excited that it's within walking distance from my office.

anna somastreat2 curry fries!! somastreat

The park provides an environment that I think is ideal for all communities: an open gathering place that features local businesses (in this case, different food trucks every day) and also offers amenities like bicycle parking, music, free wifi, and plentiful seating (among other things) for the community.

somastreat5 sliders somastreat4 kai

Last Friday was my favorite Airbnb Happy Hour to date and I'm looking forward to more lunch trips and evening dates here in the near future. Especially if they all include curry fries.


  1. We must work very near each other, which I never realized. Was there on the first day, so crazy. I went to 888 Brannan a few days and Mission Dispatch instead of going back, letting the newness (and crowds) wear down a bit - but I am thrilled to have more lunch options by my office. Great photos!