happy mother's day weekend

May 11, 2012

Our office compiled this video in which we answer the question, "How has your mother inspired you to travel?" It warms my heart knowing that the people I work with cherish their mothers like this; and that my own mother has always been the original source of all my inspiration.

PS - I'm on the video landing page!?!


  1. thats actually the cutest thing ever. makes me a) miss my mom, and b) want to work at your office!!

  2. Cel, I LOVED this and it brought me close to tears (joyful ones!). What a wonderful group of people you work with - and with such amazing mothers. I once asked my Mom if she had any regrets in life. I remember the moment very clearly - we were standing in our kitchen. She said, "I wish I traveled more." I'll never forget it. My Mom naturally worries when I wanderlust, but she is also my biggest supporter! I'm incredibly lucky :)

    Can't wait to see you soon and give you a hug! You're going to Em's over Memorial Weekend, right? I have your Paris book and adapter to return - thanks for letting me borrow them!

  3. wow!
    Now I have tears in my eyes... Beautiful! Just beautiful.

    And I want ot work in your office, too!! :)